Bard in the Yard is different, unique, one-of-a-kind. It's Shakespeare outdoors and in your face. “Everyone I know needs to go watch this!”

Shakespeare under the stars

Shakespeare under the stars returns to Duncan LittleCreek Gallery with Bard in the Yard 5! This unique production from the Silver Stage Players, features excerpts from the works of William Shakespeare performed in the intimate and outdoor setting of the DLC Gallery backyard. Conceived by director Frank L. Sawyer in 2011, the Bard in the Yard Project explores themes in Shakespeare’s plays. Bard in the Yard V - Bottoms Up! is scheduled for the Summer of 2021. Join us as we bid Covid-19 goodbye and bring you a chance to laugh outloud and outdoors at some of Shakespeare's most popular comedies. Puck reminds us all, "The Bard's song was made for all to hear, not just for nobles to comandeer. Let us have our joy and fun. Hear, hear! Cakes and ale for everyone!" Stay tuned for more info about BITY 5!

Standing Room Only for BITY IV!

Here's what people said about DLC and SSP's Bard in the Yard IV:

  • "It was fantastic!"

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  • "I loved every minute!!"

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  • "It was fantastic!"

  • "You guys were fabulous!!!"

  • "I was expecting something different. What I got was something outside the box. The work behind this was incredible."

  • "We had a wonderful time."

  • "Everyone I know needs to go watch this!!"

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Did you know?

Puck entertains the audience while acting as our Narrator during Bard in the Yard II - Battle of the Sexes. The highlight of Silver Stage Players' 2013 Season. Serving as our Robin Goodfellow for every Bard in the Yard production is local actor, artist, and director Derek Burwell. One patron commented, “Another great performance of Bard in the Yard. Four more performances next week. Don't miss it.”

Caption: Puck

Derek Burwell as Puck